Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Extended Project Qualification 4

This is my complete project with all of the images from the films and drawings I have produced.

Aspects of American Realism 4

This is my third Artist Connection(one more to go!). This image has been drawn from one of Gordon Osmundson's black and white photographs although it could also be said that it is in connection with the designer of the car Raymond Loewy who was leading Industrial Designer. He developed endless company logo's including Shell he also designed the original Greyhound Bus. Of greater interest to me he designed the International Harvester Farmall lettered series of tractors. I used a combination of HB pencil and 4B Graphite sticks to achieve the tight detail and absolute black tones within the drawing.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Aspects of American Realism 3

Now I am making progress with my artist connections, this is the first. It was originally drawn by Gus Heinze and was entitled 'Engine 494', my version is virtually identical apart from the addition of some slightly more dramatic dark areas just to help define some parts.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Extended Project Qualification 3

These are my final two Obs on my EPQ, I decided to do both Mustangs and I think they look good together.

This is the Roush Mustang from 'Death Race' the body work is made from 3/4" plates which have been roughly sawn with a gas axe and welded together, that is why all the surfaces are flat but it does still resemble a mustang well. It has a brilliant 'prison made' feel and it is an excellent film.

Finaly 'Bullitt's' 60's Mustang it is believed to be Steve McQueen's personal car, although I doubt they used his in the film.

Aspects of American Realism 2

This is my final A3 Obs for this project. It is the working of an American Case steam traction engine and it was inspired by some of Gus Heinze's work in which he also used different colours for each metal so I have used colour for all of the brass work in this engine.