Monday, 8 March 2010

Measurement Of Time 1

A new project has begun which is sadly my last school drawing project ever, after only posting one entire project on my blog - AOAR. Maybe relating this new project to time will give me a sense of perspective as I head to university at the end of the summer. I hope to produce a very meaningful and interesting collection of work during the next project which will be concluded with a 15 hour art exam, fun.

Assembly Rooms Exhibition 2010!

Posted before my school had chance! I have uploaded a few images of my work in the assembly rooms along with a few others I liked and thought should be featured. Work from nearly every student in sixth form was submitted into the exhibition where it will stay over the next month.

The 3 pieces on the right are my work, the far right being AOAR final piece 1 and the higher one AOAR final piece 2 accompanied by my EPQ final piece. They were joined by two of Alex Harris's pieces of work which were both of an exceptional standard and also the drawing at bottom left was drawn by Claire Simpson who is in the year below.

Me with all of my drawings =], the next project awaits!

Aspects of American Realism Planning

A small charcoal piece of planning of a NYC backstreet, this was used to produce the background for my second final piece.

A black and white planning drawn in fineliner, this is again another NYC city image from David Beckerman. The corner of this was used as an extra building to make the street wider for my second final piece. The big 5 on the top left window is visible if you look closely.

Although I have already drawn this image I have illustrated it using fine liner and digitally filled in the black areas to create a solid black and white version which is also very interesting. unfortunately this was not featured in my final piece however it did inspire my photography of the car.